Paper, paper, paper

I’ve allways been fascinated by paper. Beautiful coloured paper, handmade paper, the clean pages of a new journal and so the list can go on. I love journals, but I’m not very good with words so I have nothing to write in them.  But…. this is an art blog, so I won’t use paper for writing,

and also not for folding….

  but for drawing.


Done with Rotring pen in sketchbook.

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7 thoughts on “Paper, paper, paper

  1. junifer


    I like the little bird!

    And I love your “butterfly hands” Header!

    Really great!

  2. Love your two drawings Cecily, especially the bird reflecting on his next move…And yes, a great banner!

  3. Lielie

    Wow, this is really nice!! I haven’t seen any of these pictures – when did you do them all!

  4. Cecily

    You really surprised your mother. Lovely drawings.
    I just love your blog. I agree that your header is fantastic.


    your Mom

  5. lies

    Ek gaan nou die blog tweetalig maak. Baie mooi. Maar daar’s nog baie wat jy kan opsit. Gaan aan!!!!

  6. Die blogg vorder mooi.


  7. Glynnis Georgeu

    Hi Cecily

    I like the new look… never seen the pillar and leaves one before… Love it. It reminds me of my new home!

    Take Care!

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