My children asked me: “Why do you want to paint yourself?” A good question.
My answer can only be: “Just because everybody else does it.”
I did go and read about self-portraits.  People go into serious studies on this topic.
The best reason for doing a self-portrait I read about, was in the 1500’s. For the struggling artist it was a cheap model to paint!
No, I am not on a self-study, I just saw someone else’s self-portrait and thought I should try it too!



oil on canvas

special visitors…



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2 thoughts on “Self-portrait

  1. Hey Cecily – I like the self portrait – well done – I found it quite unnerving to look at myself for so long in the mirror when I did this.

    These butterflies are interesting – that is is a great shot of the little chap on your finger. I had a similar little grey fellow in my garden last week with two little “eyes” and “feelers” at the back of its wings but my camera could not handle the close up. They are such special little creatures.

    Lekker dag – lyk my die wind is af vandag. Stephen

  2. butterflyhands

    Yes Stephen the looking in the mirror (or photograph) was one thing, but now I wonder what to do with it! I really don’t want a ‘lifesize’ image of me in my lounge!
    The butterflies were at a place called Witsand on the border of the Kalahari. On a 43 deg. day! There were hundreds around the pool and these little ones just came and sit on us.

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