Last week I attended an etching class.  First time ever! Not the greatest works of art, but it is really exciting to lift your first print from the press.




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4 thoughts on “Etching

  1. Hey Cecily – this looks like real fun. I like the coat and the bag – ons is uitgebrand en weggewaai hierdie kant – thanks for the visit on my site

  2. Love your etching Cecliy!! Beautiful work. I hope you pursue this…

  3. I like the idea in the coat and bag etching. The point of view and the subject matter are quite refreshing.
    The landscape is charming!I like the single-coloring on the black and white. Do you know the work of David Milne? I think you might like it, seeing these of yours.

  4. butterflyhands

    Thanks to you all. This was a first attempt. I went with my sister who’s been etching for years, so that was nice. I will try it again. Next time with what I’ve learned now. Cecily.
    Will look at David Milne, Kay.

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