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I attended an abstract painting workshop a year or two ago.  We had to use a poem as reference to paint. I used a poem of Hester Heese with the name ‘Windgetik”.  In english it will be something like ”mad about the wind”.

It is about a girl running in the wind. Laughing and enjoying it.  She loves the wind so much that she wants to catch it and put it in a box. Like a gift that you can open again later. But the wind has found a way to escape.


Ek hardloop deur die wind
“Stuitig!” sê my ma.
Ek lag en gooi my arms op.
“Windgetik”, sê Pa.

 Ek wil die wilde ooswind vang
En bêre net vir my,
Maar toe ek later na hom soek,
Het hy die wegwaaipad gekry.

– Hester Heese –


oil on canvas

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