Cloth and food

I allways need reference to do a painting. For these paintings of cloth, I was looking for a piece of satin. With satin you see the shades and folds the best. The only satin I could find in my house was my 9 year old daughter’s pajama pants!

So I had this still life set up… The pants draped around a tomato, an egg and then a lemon…
My children were a bit shocked in my  subject.

”’Franci’s pajamas with a tomato on it!!”







 oil on canvas   (25 x 25cm)

These paintings were bought by a lovely lady who is an art ambassadress and collector of arts  on my etsy shop. I feel honored that it will hang in her house.

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3 thoughts on “Cloth and food

  1. hey this is good technique – interesting how the tomato pops out of the blue.

  2. hie hie, baie snaaks!
    LOVE that lemn on the green! they all have such different feel to them. Well done on the drapes, which is so hard to do!

  3. What fun ! WOnderful job on the satin, very soft and bright !

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