Another birthday

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. Geluk Ma!!

People allways ask from who did you inherit your talents? But my mother turns it around. She says that if her children have artistic talents, she must be artistic too!

I think we all did inherit our creativity from my mother, just in the fact that we were allowed to do things. There were always paper, glue, material, wool, etc. available to try out your new idea. Our house was not too neat that messing was not allowed. I do remember that my father once spilled indian ink on a yellow carpet. Then he just took all the colours he had and covered the whole carpet with different coloured stains!

My mother’s passion is weaving. Here is one of her artworks that hangs in my house.


This painting I made for my mother for her 70th birthday, a few years ago. Me and my sisters in the painting, many years ago!

all dressed up…


oil on canvas

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6 thoughts on “Another birthday

  1. This is such a cool present – this must have been the 60s – that is a great story about your father – I bet he contributed creativity as well.

    • Yes, the 60’s! Wearing my Mother’s hats and shoes. My Father was the creative one. He could make anything, from drawing to woodwork, etc. No matter what craft we were busy with, he allways came up with the best ideas.

  2. Wonderful painting. The visual staircase of three different sizes of girls and their purses and hats is very sweet. I’ll bet your mom was delighted.

  3. Sonya Chasey

    I think your work shows good composition & in particular I love the strength of this painting.The arrangement of the 2 horizontals & the diagonal, the use of light & dark , the interconnecting spaces all work really well. It is both strong and delicate.


  4. This is a beautiful woven piece by your mom…you were so fortunate, having two creative parents, so unique in their own way.
    And I know which one you are in the painting..hie hie…a lovely painting!

  5. Lielie

    You are an artist – you just have to start working towards your first exhibition! Even if it is just for friends and family!

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