Satin on the paving

After the last cloth paintings, I bought a piece of satin! Then draped it over everything around the house.  And ended with this painting. I did a tutorial of how to paint drapery, you can find it here.



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13 thoughts on “Satin on the paving

  1. you’ve done such a great job both on the paving as well as the drape…what a stunning colour that satin is and it LOOKS like satin!! how did you do it!

    • Thanks Ronell. I had a colour in mind and was pleased that I got it! The colour was not pink and not orange…somewhere inbetween. The drapes do look a bit more shiny on the photograph.

  2. severnyproductions

    It has a strong visual impact, very tasteful

  3. Wow – this is impressive – very realistic – Mooi man – S

  4. I’ve just discovered your blog thanks to Ronell, and I love this painting, the light, the subject, what we see and what we can imagine. Bravo!!

  5. Wow, so beautiful.

  6. Amazing Painting.

  7. silvia

    Hi, this is so amazing, I’m trying to paint a creased cloth, can you please do a step by step tutorial please? I’m desperate.

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