Northern Cape

We just came back after a week in the Northern Cape. I grew up there, but I think we forget how cold it can be! But also very quiet and no rushing anywhere.

The painting has nothing to do with the holiday. I only wanted to finish it before we went, but couldn’t, so this afternoon I did the last touches.

Secure and content…

oil on canvas

Early morning frost…



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9 thoughts on “Northern Cape

  1. Lielie

    Die painting is vir my regtig mooi! Ek dink jy moet begin werk aan ‘n uitstalling!

  2. That painting is the Bomb! Love the red against the soft green.You are a master of shapes! Love it.

  3. I love this design – and the colours. I agree with Lielie – you should consider an exhibition.

  4. Hey Cecily – I hope you will be going out to paint the flowers – I have been up to Garies a couple of times and each time wish I had more time. The farms up in the mountains there are beautiful – S

    • Hi Stephen
      That is a good idea. Can you believe I have never been further than Postberg to see the flowers! I’ve just fill in my calendar for August, and every weekend is either ballet or gymnastics. You will have to send me some photos to paint. : ) Cecily

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  6. Aha – Postberg is really beautiful – I have some paintings from there. I love all the lichens on the rocks. If I go I will definitely do some posting. I am not sure if paintings would be believable. I know what you mean about activities – It is a credit to you that you get any painting done in that world.

  7. Another painting I’m in love with! You should start writing short stories to accompany them..
    And love your early morning frost. Did you go the farm?

  8. Hi. I just checked out the better part of your blog, and wanted to say I think you have a beautiful and unique style. I especially love “Secure and Content.” Great stuff!

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