My Titles

My friend Ronell passed the Kreativ Blogger award on to me. Now I have to tell 7 things about myself.

Well, we all are recognised by our titles. Some we keep, some we have for a while, some we earn and some just happen! So let me introduce myself with all the titles I’ve had since I was born.

Firstly, for the last 45 years I am a daughter and I will always be a…


I have allways been a sister. I am the youngest of three…


Almost 25 years ago I became a wife and still am a…


for a while I was a working girl and was a…


the previous title I lost when I stopped working, but almost 15 years ago I became a…


and since then I am a…


and then maybe… just maybe… one day I will be an…


and that’s ME! 

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6 thoughts on “My Titles

  1. Love it!!!!! Creative!

  2. So much to keep in balance – fortunately you are a woman. I love the caligraphy.

  3. What a lovely presentation Cecily…SO original! I love that housewife banner…the broom is too cute! And you ARE already an artist.

  4. I usually hate labels and titles given to people as they are so restrictive, but you made them so beautifully I cannot but like them!!!!! A wonderful way to answer Ronell’s award!

    • Thank you Cathy (and Ronell and Stephen). I have not send the award on yet, I still feel new in blogging and am not sure who will appreciate it. : )

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