My week – I have to post something!

My weeks are busy … with four children. So I haven’t done much painting lately.  (Sometimes I do think we use being busy as an excuse when we just don’t know what to paint next.)  But I try to have at least a (2) next to each month in my archives.

This week had no painting in it, but some sadness and some happiness. On Wednesday morning I heard that a friend’s dad passed away. And today I heard that another friend is pregnant after her third in vitro. My thoughts were with both of them this week. Feeling sad with Rita and waiting for the results today with Louise. We will end the week with a celebration tomorrow, when we celebrate my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday.

That was my week, but I still want to post something. (So that September can appear in my archives.) This means I have to go to my walls. Soon I will reach the end of that resource!

celebrating life…


oil on canvas

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3 thoughts on “My week – I have to post something!

  1. What a wonderful image for you to share with us, with all you’ve shared with others this week. Your painting of the colorful lady against the somewhat monochrome background says it all.

  2. I always loved this on your wall

    Your Mother

    Mooi dag!

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