I wasn’t sure whether I should post this, because I copied another artist’s work – I didn’t know that at first! But I will see this as an exercise and it is not a painting I will sell!

Our youth pastor gave me a picture he got from the internet. He wanted it in a painting, but more modern and colourful, because it illustrates so perfectly what Jesus Christ had done for us.

 I had no idea how to do it, because I normally just do an exact version of what I see. So I tried to do it more ”painterly” – as my first art teacher would call it. You put down the paint and then leave it! And don’t fiddle again!

But when I wanted to put it on my blog, I googled the image and saw that it was a painting I worked from. I really thought it was a photograph. That tells you a lot about the original artist. It is a painting done by Thomas Blackshear, an american artist.  Here is the original artwork.


So, this is just my version of someone else’s beautiful work of art.  

after Thomas Blackshear…


”While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
Romans 5: 8


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4 thoughts on “Forgiven

  1. A lot can be learned from emulating another’s work. If I was your minister, as talented as you are, I would have requested you illustrate a favorite verse for me.I think you are creative enough to come up with a beautiful painting for him.

  2. I agree with Leslie in terms of a learning experience – it would be interesting to see how you would take this idea and develop into your own painting.

  3. Rita

    Die derde keer vandag wat ek probeer om iets by jou te kry voor dié verloor – lyk my mens moet hierdie submit comment-ding doen voor jy wegblaai iewers heen en terugkom om ‘n leë blokkie te vind asof jy nooit iets gesê het nie. Dankie wil ek sê, Cecily. Die ander twee kere was by Windgetik en die Swaai oor die wêreld. Lyk my ook jy kan dit jou naam gee. En ‘n volgende begin soos die wind jou vat.

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