Painting time!

Yes, its holiday, my corner ‘studio’ is organized and I am painting…

While I am still busy, I will post this painting that I did a while back. Never signed it, because I did not know whether it was finished. Still wanted to do some small trees on the hills. Or perhaps it is finished. Some ideas?

‘I’m on …  top of the world, looking… down on creation…’

oil on canvas

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7 thoughts on “Painting time!

  1. I love what you have so far. Gives the feeling of flying! We earthbound souls would love to soar. I think there does need to be something below because the figure is mostly in the top half of the page. Another thought would be to add a scarf that trailed down and to the left below her to cut across that lower plane. Am excited to see more of your work now that you are painting again!YAY!

  2. lies

    ek dink dis klaar. los net so.

  3. Such freedom and bliss – Mooi Cecily – S

  4. Rita

    Ja, Cecily. Dis net reg.

  5. I like the surreal, rather dreamlike quality. I think that whether or not it’s finished is up to you because only you can know what you are wanting to express. The rest of us will just interprete it – & not neccessarily correctly as far as your relationship with it goes.

  6. this is wonderful! :)

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