A wedding portrait

Norma and Hans got Married in November and I decided to make them a pencil sketch. I did not tell her, because I was afraid I might not be able to do it.

This was definitely not my first attempt. Ten, perhaps more… But in the end it looks like them. Even my kids agree with that!

Christmas 2009…

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7 thoughts on “A wedding portrait

  1. Nice portrait, Cecily!What a nice memory for them. Thank-you for sharing a collage of your Christmas also!

  2. Hey Cecily – this is great – I find I often have to draw a portrait this many times before I get it right. So well done for persevering. And it is so great that you are busy in your corner. I like the portrait – this will be a treasure for them.

    • Thank you Leslie and Stephen. I gave Norma the gift this morning at church and she was really excited about it.
      Yes, Stephen, it takes more than one try. Hard work! But nice when you get it right. Cecily

  3. awesome drawing.
    smart post.

  4. What a wonderful gift for Norma and Hans. They are truly lucky to have a friend like you.

  5. Norma

    Gee Whiz Cecily God Bless you for all your hard-work and perserverance.

    Yes, we will treasure this gift always !!!
    May God saturate your life with His Love, Joy & His Peace ALL the days of your life.
    Also may He grant you the desires of your heart sweet friend. Love & hugs from us.
    Love Norma

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