A painting done in an hour

I normally work for days on a painting, so this was something new for me. This was done in one layer of ‘thicker’ paint, I’ve just added a little detail afterwards.

oil on canvas board

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5 thoughts on “A painting done in an hour

  1. What I like about this is the evidence of texture and movement. I can see your brushstrokes and that is fun! :)

  2. Rita

    Ek hou BAIE hiervan, Cecily! Veels geluk vir nog baie sulke uur-werke! As jy eendag verkoop, kry ek eerste kans vir hierdie ene…

  3. Nice Cecily – you have captured the rocky dirt track and middle-mannetjie nicely. I feel like I should change down for this section – (o:

    • Thanks Stephen. I am trying this. Have to keep myself from not ‘tidying’ the brushstrokes. Its much less effort than my usual style. But there’s probably space for both.

  4. What’s good about having to work fast I think, is it helps develope the ability to interprete the overall forms, tone & proportion. I like the warm contrasting colours. You might be interested in taking a look at the work of Winnifred Nicholson (if you haven’t before.)

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