Die Windpomp

Windpumps are so part of our life in SA, they even have their own website. We also have one of only two windpump museums in the world.   Loeriesfontein

On Windpumps  they say: The  first records found of a windpump in South Africa, is from a painting drawn in 1848. Records was found of windpumps as from 1869 and the first import was in 1874. These were wooden constructions. The first all steel windpump was patented in 1855 in England.

  oil on canvas board

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3 thoughts on “Die Windpomp

  1. Lielie

    Is dit die sandkamp se windpomp?

  2. Great painting of a wind pump, Cecily! I especially like how you captured the perspective on this and displayed the turn of the blades. We call them windmills here. I recently purchased a painting of one from a friend of mine. They are vanishing here.

  3. I like the painting Cecily – and the poem dit klink soos die kreun van n windpomp ne? nice to see you are working –

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