Different people.

This morning, while I was drinking my tea in bed I thought of how we are different.  Some people love the feel of soil and are wonderful gardeners, while others hate gardening for the exact opposite reason. They can’t handle soil on their fingers!

Some are performers and some love to be entertained. Some sing, some listen….
Some are excellent with words and some of us just can’t think of what to say! You see, if I could write, I would have an excuse to buy the beautiful journals I see in bookshops.
But that is the mistake we make. We are so busy envying other people for their talents and trying to be like them, that we don’t see our own talents God gave us.
Max Lucado wrote a very good book ( his wonderful talent, writing…). “Living in your sweet spot.” That’s where you’ll be when you use your talents.
Well, I have to be more disciplined and draw more…
But then I remembered that I have actually filled about five journals … with my sermon notes on Sundays. And I enjoy paging through them… Then I made the decision to make a sketch every week in my journal before the next Sunday. And this was the first one.

Droë Kameeldoringboom…

done with rotring pen on paper

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5 thoughts on “Different people.

  1. marelise

    Wow. baie mooi. goeie idee.

  2. Beautiful post. What do you mean you can’t write. I love the thoughts you wrote about here, today. I think a person is given their voice in the art they create. I like this tree meandering across the page and will definitely look forward to more!

    • Thank you Leslie. The tree really looked like this! But on paper I thought it looked like it was squashed a bit on the right corner to fit into the page! : ) En dankie Marelise.

  3. A lovely post Cecily!! You’re right..we should live in our own sweet spot. But sometimes, seeing someone else having a go at what they do, can give us a push to get off our behinds and have ago at something too. As long as we don’t do what they do or desire what they have, but follow our own dreams. I think it is more about envying someone’s “zest” so much that you want to have it too, so much so that you really get off your behind and “go” for something of your own wishing.
    Love your kameeldoring…so wish I could have one here at Coin Perdu!!
    Ronell xx

  4. Rita

    Cecily, dankie vir jou skrywes en belewing en uitleef van jou kuns(tigheid). Nog altyd, en op verskillende maniere. As ons ons nis gevind het, en lyk my dis oor tyd heen, en vir party is daar meer as een?, is daar soveel Seën vir ander ook daarin. Dankie vir die skoonheid en vreugde wat dit [vir my] bring uit hoe jy die lewe sien, en joune leef en deel. Mooi is aansteeklik.

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