Socca Feva!!

Yep, I have to admit it. It is true… I now watch soccer… I am actually getting excited about soccer…
No, not really… Perhaps a bit… Yes, we do watch soccer now!

… but if you get bored, just sit and scribble…

I said: “Who can watch soccer, nothing happens for 90 minutes.” Now I’ve changed my mind. A whole lot happens… apart from soccer. Those players can act! They fall over nothing and fly through the air. Then they roll around showing their pain… get up and run off as fit as before. One afrikaans commentator called them ‘Prima Donnas!’

No, we don’t go to a game, it is way too cold now. That’s also why watching soccer is good at this time. When the fire is burning, you rather stay there in the heat.


It is the coldest its been in years. People must freeze on the stadiums. The soccer slogan is: ‘Feel it, it is here’. Now they say: ‘Feel it, it is cold.’

But we do feel proud. The stadiums look beautiful and its going well with the soccer world cup. We will miss all the flags waving on and from everything. People selling all the colours at the robots.


a hospital in Bellville… with SA colours…

I am sure my new interest will only last till the whistle blows at the finals in July. But for now we also have socca feva! One last thing to admit… We still don’t have a vuvuzela in the house, and hopefully never will. : )

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5 thoughts on “Socca Feva!!

  1. Rita

    Hallo Cecily!

    Ek stuur vir jou ‘n fotot van ‘n woonstel met vlae per e-pos.

    Stuur verjaarsdaggroete aan jou ma! Geluk met haar! Gaan julle hierdie naweek vier?


  2. What a packed post. Thank-you for sharing all of this with me! Oh, I am glad it is summer, here. Now, that I blog, I have lost that supposition of everyone enjoying summer right along with me. I love your drawing. I have my drawing students fill a page with everything they see. Sort of like an ongoing revelation of their week. Some intersting things are revealed to them with this exercise.

    • This was fun to do, Leslie. And you’re right about thinking everywhere is the same as by you. The world becomes smaller with the friends we make with blogging.

  3. Ja – Prima donners miskien – heh heh – cool flag man – very neat.
    My son now has a vuvuzela – those things are LOUD!
    We are off to the Italian Club to support the Azzurri in the game this afternoon –

    • Ja, dit is so. Hope you enjoyed the game. That’s the problem with soccer, most games have no result. 1 all. Well, your team didn’t lose.

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