De Doorns

We drove through De Doorns about two weeks ago on our way to Montague. We took a detour to see the snow. The mountain peaks were covered with snow… which I couldn’t really show with a pen sketch. We saw the last bit of De Doorns’ autumn beauty. Some vineyards were still dressed in their autumn colours.

The De Doorns valley…

vineyards and mountains…

snow in South Africa…

with children who are not used to snow….

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5 thoughts on “De Doorns

  1. What a “cool” excursion. Today it is 90 degrees, here. Phew! What wonderful memories to share, Cecily. I like this addition to your sketchbook of the vineyards and mountains.

    • Hi Leslie. in SA it only snows in a small part of the country and that would happen once perhaps twice in a winter. So you drive to the snow. This was the second time my children ‘touched’ snow. Enjoy summer! Cecily

    • I have a question. It gets so cold, here, that we really can’t paint outdoors in the winter. How cold does it get in the winter where you live. I noticed that Stephen, the watercolorist I follow is painting outside all winter long. He said it only gets cold for a short period of time. This is so interesting to me.

  2. Hi Leslie, we have mild winters here where we stay in the western cape. Its a winter rainfall area. It rains (I guess) probably 20% of the days in winter or less. The rest are clear sunshine days with minimal wind. On days like that its between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Very nice, good to be outside. On the rainy days the coldest days perhaps 12 degrees C. Where we went in the snow is a 2h drive from Cape Town. It might snow twice in the winter and the snow melts within a few days. Even snow on the high mountain tops only a few days in the winter. We don’t have central heating in our houses, if that explains it to you! Stephen lives about 30kms from where we stay.

    • Thank-you, Cecily. Sounds like a little bit of heaven. It must get hot in the summers, then. No wonder Stephen says it gets a little chilly in his house in the winter……I thought, “just turn the heat up!” LOL …not knowing there is no heat to turn up. :) Thanks again!

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