World-cup-final sketch

No, this really has got nothing to do with soccer, but this is how I watched soccer.. with a sketchbook and pen. When you hear something exciting has happened, you can just look at the replay!
Well, now everything is back to normal again. Our five week soccer holidays are over. I wonder when I will sketch?!


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6 thoughts on “World-cup-final sketch

  1. your sketches are amazing! i love how the amount of detail is significant but not overbearing. keep up the great work.

  2. I enjoy these sketches, so I hope you don’t stop! I paint and draw while taking in baseball, football and basketball games so I identify with what you were doing. :)

    • Hi Leslie. I actually never watch sport! It was just the whole world cup excitement in SA that made me watch. Perhaps I should… to draw. : ) Here it is mostly rugby.

  3. Ha! – I know this place – what a beautiful river – were you guys camping here? I love this little ink-sketch – well done for doing this.

    • We camped there once. The kids loved it. We would ‘walk’ in the river from stone to stone. And had fun with baboons stealing people’s food. : )

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