I missed a week with my sketches. Today I did two quick ones. Definitely not the best works of art, but I must post them. Promised myself…


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5 thoughts on “Rope

  1. I like these small studies of how things come together, especially this rope. When I learned to draw, our instrustor advised us to draw small objects and things that we weren’t accustomed to spending time looking at. They were wonderful exercises in teaching us to “see” better. It also helped us to get away from making assumptions our left brain has catalogued, over time, that fool us into believing an object looks different than it really is.

    • That is so true Leslie. When you learn to ‘see’ you are alse less scared to try new subjects, because it is just different forms. Cecily

  2. Baie mooi Cecily…fyn detail!

  3. No – don’t sell yourself short – this is a beautiful study – you have captured the texture of the rope and the careful coiling and not so careful knotting – very ordinary – very special
    Please do more of these (o:

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