The first painting

I went for my first art class about eight years ago. I joined an oil painting class in Darling. From Lauren I learned how to use oil paints. I still talk to myself with her words when I’m painting: “Let’s just make this line crisp.” “Flip-flop the brush.”  I called my first paintings step-by-step paintings. Lauren would mix the colours and tell me where and how to use it. My hands did all the work, but as she told me to do. Thanks to Lauren, I know now how to work with oil. The confidence to mix and think came later.

This was my first ever oil painting. A picture of my four children (then still small) at the beach. Jaco, in brown, always wanted to take paint and ‘fix’ him. He looks fat, he said!


Danie would say this is a good subject to sketch, because my shoes are always on a floor where its not supposed to be… In any room, just look down and there will be shoes… This little poem from childhood has been going through my mind today.

New shoes, new shoes
Red and white and blue shoes
What would you choose
If they’d let you buy?

: ) Or something like that.

old shoes, brown shoes, skew shoes…

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2 thoughts on “The first painting

  1. Your first oil painting is beautiful. I love the idea of tiny children-big ocean.
    Cool shoe drawing, cecily. They look comfortable!

    • Thank you Leslie. It does not matter what your first painting looks like, you feel so proud and have it framed immediately.

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