Fishing in a small dam

I think this was the kids’ first fishing experience. In a dam in Montague. The boys camped with friends two Decembers ago and they all got a chance to hold a fishing rod.

I rather took some photos.. left the fishing to the boys.

reeds on the side of the dam…

the fishermen…

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5 thoughts on “Fishing in a small dam

  1. Lovely delicate reeds, Cecily. My Granddaddy taught me to fish. It didn’tlastlong.I can’tstomach watching something die.

    • They threw the fish back, just as bad! My one son was ok, but for the other one to just hold the fish long enough so we can take a photo was enough to make him stop fishing after the first catch. : )

  2. I love reeds…of all kinds, but am useless at drawing them! You make it seem very easy and I now want to try again. And I love seeing all these fishing photos…now I miss you all…

  3. I like the sketch – you really should do more pen drawings.
    Nice family outing – it all looks good and lazy

    • Hi Stephen. I am actually only doing pen sketches at the moment. You can quickly do one while watching TV or waiting in the car. I am enjoying it, but I do have some empty canvasses…

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