For Rita… who can’t be in Paternoster today.

Our friends from Stellenbosch days, Rita and Pieter, live in Australia now. Pieter is in the Western Cape at the moment to see his parents.

When you sit in Australia and someone is in South Africa… you dream of where you would go, if you were here… and for Rita this is Paternoster.

Paternoster is a really beautiful fishing village on the West Coast. We had a lovely day there with them in 2003. I made this painting of Marike from a photograph of that day.

So all I can do for Rita  is to make this week’s sketch for her.


Because they have been in Europe for a few years, 2003 was the first time they would see my youngest daughter Franci. Then you feel excited to show them your pretty little girl. The week before they came, Franci, with the help of older sister, Mandi, who was 5 then, decided to make Franci really pretty. Playing hairdresser… They’ve cut her hair in many different lengths… and a really short fringe… So, she ended with a short bob and no fringe.. : ) But, still pretty. Who decides anyway what hairstyles are acceptable.  : )

7 years ago and now she’s 10…

waiting for the fishermen…

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5 thoughts on “For Rita… who can’t be in Paternoster today.

  1. Nice post and tribute to friends, Cecily. A drawing with “NO FEAR”, memories and color shots complete with lovely shadows. Must make you want to paint them?

  2. Your sketch of the boats is lovely. The open space of the beach is very evocative. I often write down the names of boats on Grand Manan Island which is part of the province of New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy. Some are commonplace, some are bittersweet or hopeful, and some are defiant like NO FEAR. They say a lot about the life of their communities.

    • Thanks Barry. Yes, in South Africa fishing communities really struggle. When there’s no fish, there is no income. And mostly the fishermen can’t swim… this name was probably chosen as encouragement for the owner himself..

  3. Ek is mal oor jou skets en fotos! Jy is so naby die see…hoop ons sien meer daarvan?
    ronelle xx

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