Keeping up with a sketch a week…

To make a commitment to create a sketch every week has a positive side and a negative side.
It does get you to draw more, but then just once  : )  you fall behind and that’s where the negative part comes in.. You then do something quickly just to do… and end up with little sketches like the next two. I almost didn’t post them, but now they sit in my journal, so why not? They have their place there in these weeks of September, so who am I to tell them they’re not good enough for the blog…

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3 thoughts on “Keeping up with a sketch a week…

  1. I like these sketches you are doing. I sometimes page through mine for inspiration for a painting. In fact, I am working on a painting, now, from a simple line drawing I did a couple years ago. It is so much fun to take that line drawing and explore possibilities in paint with it. That said, I love your rendering of the drooping palm fronds.

    • Hi Leslie. I have also kept sketches from years ago and also nice to see that you do improve a bit over the years.

  2. Lovely sketches Cecily…I like especially the palm! I agree with the upside and downside…I think at the moment I’m experiencing the downside more…hie hie.
    Ronelle xx

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