A painting for someone you don’t know

Our youth at church are going to Summercamp in December. On Saturday evening they hosted a talent concert to raise funds. ..and are they talented!! I offered to make them a painting to ‘raffle’ or something to make money with.

This was difficult. Now you wonder what kind of painting would ‘other people’ like. I learned something with this painting. You should paint what you like and then it will be good… and people will like it too. But, it worked out ok, even if it was my first flowers painting.

arum lilies…

more detail…

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5 thoughts on “A painting for someone you don’t know

  1. Aaaah, the red in this is so rich! It just makes the lillies all the brighter! What a wonderful thing to do!

    • Thank you Leslie. I changed the colour of the cloth a few times. And the same with the background. I could have done four paintings! : ) Cecily

  2. Rita

    Baie mooi, Cecily!

  3. I couldn’t agree more! You must definitely paint what you love! I will even add, if you paint what you love you are not sure people will like it, but at least you will have enjoyed yourself while doing it! This being said, I like your lilies; the whole painting is very soothing, peaceful and relaxing!

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