To copyright or not to copyright..

I sometimes wonder about our art just floating here in cyberspace for anyone to see. All of us ‘google’ pictures! These two sketches I made from photos I found via google…
It has happened that someone used my painting to ‘decorate’ her blog. I felt flattered. I saw it in the referrers. She gave credit to me, with a link to my blog. That’s good..  Or friends using something because they like it. That’s very nice.

Well, the other day I saw a link to me from ‘…FreeColouringPages…’  I was curious and had to click on that link. And there sit my pen ‘art‘ for anyone to download as free colouring pages. I could only smile… my ‘art‘ in a colouring book!! I hope the people using it can colour nicely!   he.. he…




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7 thoughts on “To copyright or not to copyright..

  1. Oh wouldn’t that be fun! Why not, I say? I have always looked at it this way. We have the originals. :)
    Lovely ode to water, Cecily!

    • I am not really worried about my ‘art’. I also smile for people who search for a certain town, then I think, we all know that feeling. You are actually looking for accommodation in a town and then you get this ‘silly’ blog that only has a sketch of a house there. : )

  2. Hey Cecily – nice sketches – you also doing taps?
    I liked your stone wall
    It is a bit off-putting when people take our stuff. One of the guys at the watercolour society was telling me how he downloads paintings, blows them up and frames them – not sure I like that idea

    But again – life is short…

    • Only one tap Stephen. Stones are nice to do in pen. Ja, I’m not really worried, perhaps if it was my bread and butter, I would be more careful where I display my art.

  3. I love your stone fence. It can be flattering for people to want our work, even free of charge, but the legal aspect of the copyright issue is quite clear. They’ve taken your work without permission and that’s theft. I get my stuff lifted sometimes and, if it’s for personal use, I don’t mind if a courteous request or acknowledgment is made. I’m no computer whiz but I’ve figured out how to post my images small enough that they can’t be blown up to a framable size. Now I have to go through all of the earlier posts and adjust them.

    • Good idea Barry. I also make my pictures small, just for upload to be quicker. Wonder if its small enough.

    • I like this Barry – we should keep our boundaries clear. Everynow and then on FB someone posts a note about how someone has lifted all the material off their site and created a similar one.

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