Professors, small towns and quiver trees

This week our family had a proud moment when my sister gave her inaugural lecture as a new professor at Stellenbosch University.

We grew up in a very small town with the name of Koegas. Not many people will know it, as the town does not exist any more! In 1978 the asbestos mine closed and everyone moved away. The town was build on both sides of the Orange River in the Northern Cape. One side was called Koegasbrug and the other side, Westerberg and together it made Koegas.
Because it was so small, everyone knew everyone.  All kids went to the primary school with four classrooms and four teachers. And this week I saw how a small town make people feel ‘part of each other’. For the Koegas people it was ‘one of us’ who became professor! Facebook was busy with all the nice comments!

And then, if you grew up in Koegas you will know kokerbome (quiver trees). Its the area with the most quiver trees!


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5 thoughts on “Professors, small towns and quiver trees

  1. Congratulations to your sister, Cecily!
    The best years of my life have been spent in a small town! I assume a Quiver tree may be named such because of its movement in the breeze? Good drawing!

    • Thank you Leslie, I will pass it on. The Bushmen San people used to hollow the branches to make quivers to carry their arrows. From there the name. It is part of the aloe family, so the branches are soft inside. Have a good art week.

    • Thanks for answering my question, Cecily! I was way off. :) I like what you have done with your header, above by putting the design behind it.

  2. Glynnis

    Hi Cecily

    Congratulations on your sister’s achivements. I really do love your drawings! You are so very talented. I think that I must buy some of your mounted sketeches for my new home!!!

    Have a blessed week… and we must do coffee sometime!!


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