Art class in Toronto

Yesterday I attended Barry Coomb’s art class… yes, that’s in Toronto… But thanks to the blog-world I could do it here in Cape Town. I invited myself and didn’t pay for the class, so I hope it is fine. : )
Read more about Barry here.
I tried the class about cubism. My art knowledge actually only consists of ‘I like a painting or not’ or ‘the colours are nice or not’, so I don’t know if I understood the whole cubism idea very good, but I really had fun doing this sketch.
So thanks Barry and I would like to attend the ‘critique’ as well…
Here is Barry’s post.

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10 thoughts on “Art class in Toronto

  1. This is an awesome drawing, Cecily. It is fun to let my eyes rove around the composition and try to decipher all the pieces/ parts. I wonder what this would look like transposed to canvas and allowing your instincts and knowledge about color and value take over. Love it!!

    • Thank you Leslie. I would have liked colour with it, but my watercolour use isn’t very good and I also enjoy the pen.. The examples on Barry’s blog with colour added is very good. I should ‘attend’ some of your classes next. : )

  2. I was thinking you could use this as a basis for one of your acrylic paintings?

    • Hi Leslie, I took your advice… I have three small canvas (15 x 15 cm) and are busy putting these on there. Only started with the pencil planning, but today I will have time… I think I must get one more, so the four can hang in a square and almost be as this one picture. I will see and post as soon as I have some painting done.
      And thank you!

  3. Hey nice work Cecily – I like Barry’s site too. He also gets good work out of his students. I did not see the teaching part of his site – just his blog.
    I like your sketches. I look forward to your acrylics. Good one Leslie…

    • Hi Stephen. Barry just post the classes he teach, so I just used that. I still hope its fine. We did have a big ‘copyright’ conversation the other day… : )
      For you and Leslie, I have never used acrylics, all my paintings are in oil, but they do look similar in the end. I have done the first layer of my little blocks. Perhaps a bit small, I sit and work with the smallest brushes! But then I enjoy working in small detail… I will post soon.

  4. Hi Cecily,
    It took me a week or so to figure out what a pingback is. I’m glad you enjoyed the Cubist drawing class. Not all the students finished that day but they did a great job. As did you. Your drawing is fresh and lively. I look forward to seeing the colour version.
    If I may, I’ll make two suggestions. The Cubists would use more overlap of the various elements. Also, some flat, geometric shapes can be used to set off the more three-dimensional objects.

    • Hi Barry. I’m glad you figured out the pingback, I was waiting for your comment! Thank you for the suggestions. I must go read about cubism. I enjoyed this so much.
      The colour version… I don’t think its going to fall under cubism anymore. I have now put each block (of this picture) on a separate canvas. But I’m enjoying that just as much and it got me doing some painting again and that’s anyway good.
      Thank you for letting me use your ‘class’, it was great fun and if you don’t mind I will use your blog to learn more. Cecily

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