Kirstenbosch, a protea and an exhibition

Two weeks ago we had a picnic in Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. Driving from this side of Cape Town, we were surprised on that side with really cold misty weather. We used the picnic blankets around us and not under us… But we had a walk to find the proteas. Only a few left-overs, it’s not their flowering season now.

And yesterday we went to Kirstenbosch to attend an exhibition opening. The SASA merit exhibition. And I met my blogfriend Stephen Quirke after two years of visiting each others blogs! That was nice. He was one of the invited artists for the exhibition. Well done Stephen!

This sketch was bought by a company to be used on a label.

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7 thoughts on “Kirstenbosch, a protea and an exhibition

  1. Oh how I wish I could have traveled with you and met you both! Two of my favorite artists. Lucky you, Cecily! You are so talented with drawing flowers like the above. It makes me long to see it in color………

    • And wouldn’t it be so nice to have you there, Leslie… Stephen’s work is really good. It was nice to walk through the artworks and recognize his paintings. I’m sure he will post about it to tell you which were on exhibition. You have seen them all!

  2. I know of stephen’s paintings and blog.
    A very adept watercolour artist.
    I like this flower of yours too, i’ve never really been able to get a good result with plants

    • Hi Richard. Yes, Stephen is really good. Did you look at the painting of the fisherman on the boat? The link in my post.
      Thanks for the comment. I always think plants are easy to draw. It does not really matter if a leave is a bit too thick or too thin, it will still look like a plant, unlike with drawing people…

  3. Hi everyone – it is good to see you here. Well this year is different again. The new year break turned very busy and I realise that I worked hard for the exhibition. I also worked hard at my other life as a consultant and had some breakthrough there.
    I have on my agenda to get my StrategyWorks blog moving before I can get stuck into more painting . My offer in that world has matured and I have a lot of rewriting on my site. I also want to improve my writing skill which I find difficult so the work is exhilarating.
    I did a painting of some people sitting at a farmers market on Saturday and picked up a commission from someone sitting next to me with the sweetest kids. So I am keen to get going on that too. But I have been sitting since Friday night with a blog posting which is crystallising a whole lot of what I want to offer. ho hum – life as two people.

    Thanks for this posting Cecily I feel like I have been away. And Leslie and Richard it is so good to chat here too.

    bye for now – Stephen

  4. Thanks Cecily – also – I love your bold lines in these latest pen sketches – such confidence – mooi

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