Old charcoal sketches

I was sorting some shelves yesterday and found these charcoal sketches. They all come from my art classes at Bellville art center a few years ago. You had to finish a certain amount of pencil sketches (mostly shells) and then you moved on to charcoal.

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6 thoughts on “Old charcoal sketches

  1. Oh Cecily! These are all so interesting to sit and ponder. I especially like the last one. Landscapes in charcoal seem so hard to pull off and I actually want to walk into that last one.

    • Hi Leslie. Sometimes it’s good to discover old sketches. (And it’s good to keep them). I was quite surprised at what I did then!
      It is also good to attend classes, when you’re on your own, you just decide that it is too much effort.

  2. Rita

    Hou meeste van die ene met die “Ralie”. En die bome in die ander.

  3. You’re such an encouragement! It’s been so long since I’ve taken out my sketchpad and just drawn something for the joy of it. A goal of one sketch a week might be just what I need! Loved looking at your work and I’ll be back to browse some more. :)

    • Lisa, I am so behind with my weekly sketch! But I’ll take your comment as encouragement to definitely do a sketch this week. And you will too? Take out your sketchpad… Thanks for the visit.

  4. Hi Cecily
    These are so good!
    Finding old work is fun hey.

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