Blogs, friends and Paris

In the next three weeks our lives are going to change a bit. Maybe more than a bit… Danie was transfered to France, so our family will move to Paris middle of June.

We will leave friends and family behind, but now with internet our lives are so different from years ago. I can take all my blogfriends with me. If I don’t tell you, you won’t even know that I am not in Cape Town anymore. Only the scenes in my sketches might change…

Some blogfriends will be closer now. Isn’t America closer to France than Cape Town? : ) Then Leslie won’t be so far anymore. Wouldn’t it be lovely to meet her one day. Stephen is now just around the corner, but from June he will be very far away. I won’t be able to attend his exhibitions anymore…
There is Sonya who lives in France. To visit Ronelle, a friend from Stellenbosch days, it will now only be a short drive to her in the Loire Valley. That is very nice.
Maybe I can attend one of Barry‘s art holidays in Europe. That will be special.
My sister Marelise and my friend Juriaan just started their blogs. They will be far, but I can still see their art and photographs.
It could be interesting to meet the chef Richard, just close by in England… and all the characters in his videos.
There is also the new artist Nuno just nextdoor in Spain and many more who come to visit here at Butterflyhands…

Well, as the world is so much smaller now, maybe nothing will change…


in Jardin de Luxembourg

…for now its Au Revoir till my next post from Paris…

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7 thoughts on “Blogs, friends and Paris

  1. Now, with internet, all is close. Hope you and your family have a nice trip. And I will waiting for your new drawings and paintings.

    Your nextdoor blogfriend :-)

    • Hi Neighbor. :-) Thanks. Just have to finish the last packing and then the adventure starts. And when all is back to normal again I can start doing some art.

  2. I will really miss walking into your home and seeing all your beautiful art on the walls. I am so blessed that I have sketches on my walsl at home and my stunning painting on my wall in my office to remember you by. Your painting “lifted” me when my days were particularly bleak. I will miss you, my friend.


    PS. Paul says to tell you that we will make every effort to visit you as soon as we can! :)

  3. OMG! Paris? The LOUVRE. You can goto the Louvre!!! :) Yes, I do believe Indiana is closer to France. I hope this is a positive move for all of you and not one of those where a company upsets the balnace and lives of the families of their employees. Smooth moving, Cecily and family!

    • Hi Leslie! I’ve been quiet on the blogside (and art) lately, so its so nice to hear from you. It is positive, we are very excited for our new adventure. Came here two weeks ago. And yes, my thought too. I can go to the Louvre… and go again. : )

  4. Hellooooo Cecily – hey – you are there – this is so cool!
    How is everything going?
    you have even been sketching too.
    More please…

    Ai! Blogging has been a little min lately but hopefully I get to do some more now.

    All the very best there for you and the family.
    you must explore – a lot hey!
    I will certainly miss you at the next exhibition – you have been so supportive.

    Alles van die beste vir hele gesin


    • Hi Stephen. Yes, we are here!
      The sketches I did in Cape Town still, haven’t done a thing here.
      Explore I will definitely. Just trying to settle still. But we are all doing well, still excited.
      We are still in a residential hotel in Montesson, suburb of Paris and found a house to rent in Cergy a bit further. We will move there next week.
      Our summer here is almost the same as Cape winter. : )
      Keep well, good to hear from you.


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