Welcome to Butterflyhands!

As Winnie the Pooh said to the butterfly:
“How nice of you to flutter by!”

I am from South Africa and live in France since 2011.  I’ve always been fascinated by paper. Beautiful coloured paper, handmade paper, the clean pages of a new journal and so the list can go on. I love journals, but I’m not very good with words so I have nothing to write in them.  But…. this is an art blog, so I won’t use paper for writing,

and also not for folding….

but for creating art.

I hope some art you will enjoy.

Cecily Algera


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Karen Marshall-Hein

    More sê!

    Ek is ‘n vriendin van Rita de Waard.

    Al Rita se vriendiine is aardige, geleerde, talentovlle mense. Het jy al aan kinderboeke gedink of illustreer jy reeds?

    Groetnis en geniet die Kaap, ons het die geluk om daar te wees oor kersfees.


  2. Hey Cecily – keep up the work here – I would like to add this site to my blog-roll if that is OK with you. Stephen

  3. Sis, is al die goed jou werk? Ek staan verstom! Apie

  4. Rita


    Ek tel die wonderlikste gevoude goed(jies) op terwyl ek werk. Daar is baie Asian kinders in die skool.


  5. Hi Cecily. Thanks for replying. I took some basic level art classes in high school. I never studied any art extensively. I just use very basic techniques in my artwork, as that’s all I’ve come to know. I hope to find my style over time though.

  6. Steph Sauer

    Hi, I found your blog on Google when looking for artists I could use for research for my GCSE art coursework. I really love your work – especially the work with satin, which fits in perfectly with what I have planned for my current topic – and was wondering if you would mind me using you as one of the artists in my artist research? If so I would need a little more info on you… e.g. name, year of birth, how you got into art, where(/if) you have studied art, your favourite subjects and mediums, pastimes, etc.
    I’d be really grateful for your help!
    Steph :)

  7. Cecily, I’ve nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award!


  8. dianne - life as i see it

    you sure have a wonderful blog here.. ;)

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