Powder pastels and Monet

A friend and I visited the musée Marmottan on Wednesday. That happened after a lovely lunch at the musée Jacquemart-André. Well, after all the art we saw there we were all inspired to take up our brushes and become really good. I have to admit after seeing works of old masters you actually want to stop… how can anyone paint so perfect and precise!

The musée Marmottan houses the largest collection of Claude Monet’s works. Many of his Nymphéas, although some of them we thought that he was just trying out something, or making a pre-sketch. So, at least there were some works that had us wondering if we aren’t actually a bit better than some of the famous people. (This is said with a smile and a wink. : ) We just need the name! : )

I received a small box of soft pastels from my sister a few years ago, and have not really gotten into that. I have always admired the works done in soft pastels by South-African artist, Hanneke Benade. Inspired by her and the really good works we saw and the not so good works we saw, I got into my pastels. : ) … to just have a bit of fun and not create a really good work. : )

my pastel ‘work’ on normal printer paper… : )


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These trees grow in the dry areas of Southern Africa. The latin name is boscia albitrunca and if I translate the afrikaans name, ‘witgatboom‘, to english, it literally means a tree with a white bottom : )  A good name for these trees, as their trunks are white, of course. What makes them so beautiful, are their trunks that bend and turn and have the nicest forms.

I promised a friend I will draw him a witgatboom. Now I have learned that they are quite tricky to draw. With their strange forms, people could think that your lines are just crooked and skew. : )

here are two I’ve tried…

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Autumn in black ink

Here in France, autumn is just beautiful. At first I was searching for yellow and orange spots, now that is all you see. Autumn colours with a bit of green in between.
To say these are autumn sketches won’t make much sense. : ) Surely you need the colours! But they are… maybe I must do a painting as well.

the colours…

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Blogs, friends and Paris

In the next three weeks our lives are going to change a bit. Maybe more than a bit… Danie was transfered to France, so our family will move to Paris middle of June.

We will leave friends and family behind, but now with internet our lives are so different from years ago. I can take all my blogfriends with me. If I don’t tell you, you won’t even know that I am not in Cape Town anymore. Only the scenes in my sketches might change…

Some blogfriends will be closer now. Isn’t America closer to France than Cape Town? : ) Then Leslie won’t be so far anymore. Wouldn’t it be lovely to meet her one day. Stephen is now just around the corner, but from June he will be very far away. I won’t be able to attend his exhibitions anymore…
There is Sonya who lives in France. To visit Ronelle, a friend from Stellenbosch days, it will now only be a short drive to her in the Loire Valley. That is very nice.
Maybe I can attend one of Barry‘s art holidays in Europe. That will be special.
My sister Marelise and my friend Juriaan just started their blogs. They will be far, but I can still see their art and photographs.
It could be interesting to meet the chef Richard, just close by in England… and all the characters in his videos.
There is also the new artist Nuno just nextdoor in Spain and many more who come to visit here at Butterflyhands…

Well, as the world is so much smaller now, maybe nothing will change…


in Jardin de Luxembourg

…for now its Au Revoir till my next post from Paris…

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To copyright or not to copyright..

I sometimes wonder about our art just floating here in cyberspace for anyone to see. All of us ‘google’ pictures! These two sketches I made from photos I found via google…
It has happened that someone used my painting to ‘decorate’ her blog. I felt flattered. I saw it in the referrers. She gave credit to me, with a link to my blog. That’s good..  Or friends using something because they like it. That’s very nice.

Well, the other day I saw a link to me from ‘…FreeColouringPages…’  I was curious and had to click on that link. And there sit my pen ‘art‘ for anyone to download as free colouring pages. I could only smile… my ‘art‘ in a colouring book!! I hope the people using it can colour nicely!   he.. he…




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