Drawing little people

Still practicing to draw people with the help of a friend’s lovely photographs.



conté crayon on paper


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Mixing apples and sketching.

 and some sketchbook sketches…

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These trees grow in the dry areas of Southern Africa. The latin name is boscia albitrunca and if I translate the afrikaans name, ‘witgatboom‘, to english, it literally means a tree with a white bottom : )  A good name for these trees, as their trunks are white, of course. What makes them so beautiful, are their trunks that bend and turn and have the nicest forms.

I promised a friend I will draw him a witgatboom. Now I have learned that they are quite tricky to draw. With their strange forms, people could think that your lines are just crooked and skew. : )

here are two I’ve tried…

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May 2012 be a wonderful year to you all…

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A wonderful christmas to everyone.

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