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The South African protea from Kirstenbosch



oil on canvas – 20 x 20 cm


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The sea and the Karoo.


A Karoo scene from a photograph taken by a friend…


small paintings… oil on canvas 20 x 20 cm

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Drawing little people

Still practicing to draw people with the help of a friend’s lovely photographs.



conté crayon on paper


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To finish or not to finish.

When you take up a painting again that’s been sitting on the easel  for two years, you sometimes wonder if you should finish it or just start all over again. This one I started more than two years ago… and at last its done.

I almost started all over. The picture stayed the same, but then I used the strangest blues and greens. I think I bought new paint at that time and just wanted to use it. Now I am back at my usual sap green and french ultramarine and like it more. Well, the river still has a minty touch, which I will leave like that… : )

fishing… dreaming…

oil paints on stretched canvas  40×50 cm

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A painting for Wayne and Juliet

I made this painting a month or two ago. I didn’t post it then, because it was Juliet’s special message to Wayne. But I think it will be ok to share it with you now.

They are two lovely people from our church. If you have been to our church once, you will know Wayne, because he will be the one greeting you at the door with a special hug.
They went through a difficult time beginning of this year. (No need to feel sad, because God has provided for them and everything is well again…) Juliet described this picture to me and asked me to paint it for Wayne.

I have only painted little girls, so it was difficult for me to paint a man, but here it is. It has special meaning to them and it was more special for me to give it to them.

Wayne’s Picture…

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