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Wooden shed

Everywhere in Switzerland you see these wooden sheds. They are old and skew, which is so different to everything else that are neat and clean. I could see how they could be the subject for pencil sketches. With lots of detail. As we drove around I took photographs from the car and came back with a lot of blurred photographs… but a few came out ok.

I’m still trying out pastels. I just keep on drawing really small pictures that does not work with pastel sticks at all. I’ve bought a few more pastel crayons, but my colour range is still limited. … definitely need to buy large pastel paper. : )


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Powder pastels and Monet

A friend and I visited the musée Marmottan on Wednesday. That happened after a lovely lunch at the musée Jacquemart-André. Well, after all the art we saw there we were all inspired to take up our brushes and become really good. I have to admit after seeing works of old masters you actually want to stop… how can anyone paint so perfect and precise!

The musée Marmottan houses the largest collection of Claude Monet’s works. Many of his Nymphéas, although some of them we thought that he was just trying out something, or making a pre-sketch. So, at least there were some works that had us wondering if we aren’t actually a bit better than some of the famous people. (This is said with a smile and a wink. : ) We just need the name! : )

I received a small box of soft pastels from my sister a few years ago, and have not really gotten into that. I have always admired the works done in soft pastels by South-African artist, Hanneke Benade. Inspired by her and the really good works we saw and the not so good works we saw, I got into my pastels. : ) … to just have a bit of fun and not create a really good work. : )

my pastel ‘work’ on normal printer paper… : )


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