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Is this art?

 Today Mandi is twelve years old.


 For the last month she was planning this cake. She thinks big… A Topsy turvy cake it will be! But… by ten o’clock last night our cake was lying in pieces. Top heavy… Icing was too heavy… With long faces we went to bed.
This morning early we got up and used all our artistic skills. : ) With more icing sugar we glued it together. A few toothpicks to hold some pieces. Then hoping it will just stay in place till the party starts.

desperate measures… please don’t fall…

dont fall

It didn’t fall…

And now, she and her friends are having fun… singing, laughing, swimming… The cake has been cut and we only remember the fun we had creating this ‘artwork’. We can add this to the memories we have of all our previous works of art.







This was our art for the week. And this time next year we’ll do cake art again. : )

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